Image of Young, Gifted, & Black: A Poetic Anthology Vol.2

Young, Gifted, & Black: A Poetic Anthology Vol.2


Featuring the poetic works from 15 poets from the Las Vegas valley and out of state. This second volume anthology starts as a blank canvas that then transforms into a colorful portrait of the current culture narrated by young black Americans. Within these pages there are messages that will be a mirror looking back at you and others that will open your perspective to what the black experience can be like. I hope these poems feel like a glance at grandmother’s dresser. That you feel a sense of honoring the immortality of our presence, sacrifice, and contributions. A collective portrait of the times we have survived and risen through. Reclaiming our power as we take control of our own narratives framed here in this anthology.
Creative Director and Produced by Elle Hope
Art Design and Formatting by Sandy Lee Wyatt lll